Camino Pilgrims Using Spiritual & Walking Guide

Testimonial-Missy-Smith-Spiritual-and-Walking-Guide-CaminoMissy Smith Lawson of Kansas City reported on Facebook today that she and her husband Brian will be using The Spiritual and Walking Guide: Leon to Santiago as a guide for the spiritual part of their Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage.

“While on the Camino, I’ll be using this devotional/guidebook to guide the spiritual part of my pilgrimage…Brian and I had the privilege of meeting the author at the American Pilgrims on the Camino Gathering. Thank you, Stacey Wittig, for answering God’s call to write this spiritual walking guide!”

Thank you, Missy for the kind words! God bless you both as you follow the pathways of your hearts along The Way of St. James in northern Spain. Let me know what you think of the scriptures for The Way that are listed for your contemplation.

Order the book on Amazon by clicking here:

Follow Brian and Missy’s trek at

Link to the video in the Facebook post:




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