Book reading at American Pilgrims Northern AZ Chapter gathering

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — At last week’s American Pilgrims Northern Arizona Chapter Pilgrims Gathering, author Stacey Wittig was invited to read from her new book, Spiritual and Walking Guide: León to Santiago on El Camino. The writer chose to read a devotional from DAY FIFTEEN entitled, “Keep my feet from stumbling.


Audience enjoys tapas and wine while listening to book reading.

“When I first walked a portion of the Camino in 2005, I looked for a sort of three-in-one book: a daily meditation, a Bible and a way guide,” explained Wittig. “I hoped to find a small personal devotional that I could easily carry with me as a daily guide for my spiritual journey. I was hoping for a book that would direct my path physically as well as spiritually. Since I would be walking and carrying all my belongings, I was interested in reducing the amount of ‘baggage’ that would weigh me down.” When she could not find such a guide, she decide to write one. Her lightweight but comprehensive book was just released last month.

Keep my feet from stumbling” is probably the most edgy of the daily readings,” revealed the author. “I share my own pilgrim experiences and then ask questions for reflection that hopefully get the reader to dig inside. I pray that this book not only guides El Camino de Santiago pilgrims along the physical path, but also helps usher them along the pathways of their hearts.” For people who have been inspired to walk El Camino de Santiago by the movie, The Way, this book is a valuable Santiago devotional and guide, complete with scriptures for The Way.

Read excerpts from the walking and spiritual guide by clicking here.

Wittig hopes to read from her book at The American Pilgrims on Camino (APOC) annual gathering near St. Louis, Missouri later this week. The agenda offers a 5×5 Open Mike where pilgrims have five minutes to share favorite Camino stories.

The American Pilgrims Northern Arizona Chapter Pilgrims group met on Saturday, March 29, 2014, 6:00 pm in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. For a schedule of upcoming events, click here.

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